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Global Women Entrepreneurs is a 501(c) (3) certified non-profit organization  is supporting women to establish the small and medium- sized enterprises in the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy, emphasizing the need for the creation of an environment conducive to starting up and developing innovative businesses. With our partner companies, individual members, and supporters we are accelerating and elevating women’s leadership and participation globally, from the backcountry to the boardroom. 


Global Women Entrepreneurs is a organization dedicated to achieving women’s equality in all walks of industries and lives. Through innovative and thought-leading programming and initiatives, including local and global exchange programs, pitching the ideas through Pitch Panel contesting program, and synergy mentoring programs. 


We Support Innovation  - The women entrepreneurs thrive on innovative thinking in all walks of life. Learn more about how Global Women Entrepreneurs organization drives innovation and entrepreneurship to elevate and expand through our Pitch Panel program. 


We Motivate Leadership - Great leadership can be found throughout the active-outdoor industries. We host events and programs to highlight current leaders and cultivate rising stars in leadership across the industries. Learn more about our Professional Mentoring and Training Programs. 

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